Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thanksgiving, Indian Style

Each fall I celebrate two Thanksgivings, one in early October when the Canadian side of my family celebrates it and the other in late November when my family in the United States celebrates it. Since I've lived in the United States for the better part of the last decade it's American Thanksgiving that generally gets the big celebration, whilst I generally observe Canadian Thanksgiving with a little cranberry sauce, a bottle of Canadian beer, or even both if I'm feeling really festive!

This time around, however, I'm staying with friends who won't be able to eat a full American Thanksgiving dinner since they're on the reformed calendar and start fasting mid-November, and I'm feeling inspired both by that and my parents' long tradition of making Indian food (and possibly a recent episode of Steven and Chris, lol) to make an Indian-style Thanksgiving dinner. Depending on how things turn out I will be posting the recipes here, with the exception of the recipe for the masala pumpkin pie I just made, which I tasted before baking and which was absolutely divine! (THAT recipe will be posted shortly!)

This has all come together rather last minute and I'm not aiming to simply transform traditional staples by adding some curry, so don't get excited for 'curried roast turkey' or 'turmeric mashed potatoes' - they're just not happening! (Well, okay, turkey was supposed to happen, but have you seen how expenses just plain turkey breasts are these days?! Pass the chicken, please and thank you!) On the menu for tomorrow night's Thanksgiving dinner is butter chicken, spiced mashed sweet potatoes, pumpkin saag (from the Veganomicon, a must read!), and masala pumpkin pie. And, of course, jellied cranberry sauce from a can, the way God intended! (I just can't give that stuff up!)

I'm about halfway through my cooking and calling it for the night since I have church in the morning. (A joyous feast to everyone celebrating the Protection of the Mother of God tomorrow!) I shall, however, post an update sometime tomorrow after dinner if all goes well, and then the recipes shortly thereafter. Happy Thanksgiving!

Update (16/10/2013): Most of what I made turned out okay, but the pumpkin saag was AWFUL. Absolutely awful. For some reason some of my friends liked it, but I thought it was utterly foul. Never again! If you're desperate for something awful involving pumpkin and spinach go buy a copy of the Veganomicon (linked above) and try it for yourself - it's on page 184.

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