Wednesday, January 7, 2015

German Pancakes

I made this for brunch for the Nativity this year and it was just lovely! The interior texture reminded me of breading pudding - I may just add raisins the next time I make this! And so much nicer to throw this in the oven than to stand by the hot plate making regular pancakes and either eating them right there or eating cold pancakes by the time they're all cooked!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Easy Breakfast Syrup

I never would've thought I would be making my own syrup, but it's just not a thing here in Manchuria. (I'm told local tastes don't like sweet stuff, but when I follow that statement up with questions about why virtually all the popular bread here is sweet no one can explain.) I did find pure maple syrup in one store, but it was prohibitively expensive for someone whose teeth are all sweet teeth! In any case, this is a great, easy, and quick recipe for making syrup!